September 18, 2017

Minutes of a Regular Meeting held in the Council Chambers, 937907 Marsh Bay Road, Coleman Township, on Monday, September 18th, 2017, at 6:00 p.m.

1. Calling the Meeting to Order

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Dan Cleroux at 6:04 p.m.

2. Roll Call


Mayor Dan Cleroux

Councillors Sue Cote, Ken Laffrenier, Cathy Marcella and Lois Perry

Also Present:

Logan Belanger, CAO


Brian Bigelow, Public Works Foreman

Don Laitinen, Fire Chief

Members of the Public Present:


Members of Press Present:


3. Adoption of the Agenda

Councillor Marcella requested the addition of item 11.4 Medical Report under New Business, and Mayor Cleroux requested that item 10.5 Northern College, be discussed following Section 7 – Petition and Delegations.

Resolution No. 17-09-18

Moved By: Councillor Lois Perry

Seconded By: Councillor Cathy Marcella

Be it resolved that the agenda for the regular meeting of September 18, 2017, be approved as amended.


4. Declaration of Conflict or Pecuniary Interest and General Nature Thereof


5. Adoption of the Minutes

Resolution No. 17-09-19

Moved By: Councillor Cathy Marcella

Seconded By: Councillor Susan Cote

Be it resolved that the minutes of the following Council Meetings be adopted as distributed:

1. Regular Meeting – September 5, 2017


6. Accounts

Resolution No. 17-09-20

Moved By: Councillor Cathy Marcella

Seconded By: Councillor Susan Cote

Be it resolved that the general accounts in the amount of $21,812.86 be passed and paid.


7. Petitions and Delegations

7.1. Shelly Lendt, CIBC Advisor – Investment Update. Ms. Lendt provided Mayor and Council with a package for the review of existing goals, lending, accounts and investments.

Regular Meeting Minutes September 18, 2017


7.2. Consent Application No B1-17 (Shane and Christel Hartzke) – Public Hearing

The Notice of Public Hearing was distributed to Council for review, including the purpose of the application and the Key Map. The CAO commented that the MNDM provided reference material and technical comments pertaining to the property. The Ministry of Transportation and the Timiskaming Health Unit responded that they had no objections to the proposal. The CAO read two emails to express concerns related to the severance. The first email was from Mr. James Culhane and Mrs. Susan Culhane, and the second email was from Mr. Richard Beauchamp and Mrs. Cathy Beauchamp. Council discussed and considered the responses, and granted provisional consent, subject to the conditions outlined by the Municipal Planner.

Resolution No. 17-09-21

Moved By: Councillor Cathy Marcella

Seconded By: Councillor Lois Perry

Be it resolved that the Council for the Township of Coleman approve consent (severance) application B1/17 (Shane and Christel Hartzke), per the attachment:

1. Conditions of planner (outlined in Notice of Decision)


8. Staff Reports

1. Works Department – The CAO updated that the Department has been completing work at Bass Lake Park, and that the volleyball court and tether ball will be installed in the fall.

2. Fire Department – Councillor Cote updated that a Mutual aid meeting took place on Wednesday, September 13th at the Coleman Community Hall, and was well attended.

3. Administration – The CAO provide Council with a copy of pictures of the signage posted surrounding Sasaginaga Lake. Mayor Cleroux commented that the Water Commission should schedule a meeting to discuss signage and other matters. The Township received tickets from the Cobalt Classic Theatre as a thank you for the donation; Council requested the tickets be donated to the Cobalt Golden Age Club. The CAO obtained a quote to demolish and remove the surplused cabins at Bass Lake Park; Council requested if the work can be completed with Township staff. A quote was received from Miller Paving to repair the parking area at Bass Lake; Council directed the CAO to proceed with the repair and recover costs through invoicing the responsible party. The office computers require replacement; the CAO presented a quotation for consideration in the 2018 municipal budget.

4. Animal Service Provider – No Update.

Resolution No. 17-09-22

Moved By: Councillor Ken Laffrenier Seconded By: Councillor Cathy Marcella Be it resolved that the Staff reports be noted and listed in the minutes of this meeting.


9. By-laws

9.1. Amend By-law No. 07-25

Council tabled agenda item 9.1, and directed the CAO to investigate if there are alternate options available for the twenty-four hour emergency Public Safety Answering Point, and the Fire Call Response System. Regular Meeting Minutes September 18, 2017


9.2. Private Plowing Agreements

Resolution No. 17-09-23

Moved By: Councillor Ken Laffrenier Seconded By: Councillor Lois Perry

Be it resolved that By-Law No. 17-47 being a by-law to adopt 2017/2018 Private Plowing Agreements for Approved Private Driveways and Private Roads within the Township of Coleman be read a first and second time.


Resolution No. 17-09-24

Moved By: Councillor Cathy Marcella Seconded By: Councillor Ken Laffrenier

Be it resolved that By-Law No. 17-47 be read a third and final time and be passed and enacted.


10. Business Arising from the Minutes

10.1. Headframe Rest Stop Project – The CAO contacted the FedNor representative to discuss extending the agreement date. The request was declined; however, project funds could be advanced for assist with the 2017 budget. Mayor Cleroux will contact the representative prior to Council making a decision.

10.2. Ontario Trillium Capital Grant – Council discussed the grant and possible projects eligible under the program. Council directed the EDO to apply for the Bass Lake Park washroom and change-room facility to increase opportunities for recreation and events.

10.3. Library Agreement Revision – The CAO updated that the Cobalt Library provides internet services to approximately 20 Coleman residents per month, and it was approximated that less than 10 residents hold valid library cards. Council requested the cost per user, and to provide a comparison between the Town of Cobalt.

10.4. Pebble Beach Aggregate – Application for Aggregate Permit, Firstbrook Township – The Township received an update that the Aggregate permit is issued, and that it will state that no trucks or heavy equipment coming or going from the permit will be allowed on the portion of Moose Lake Road, located within the Township of Coleman. It was assumed that half-ton vehicles and cars are permitted; Council had no objection to this arrangement.

10.5. Northern College – Memorandum of Understanding – Mayor Cleroux updated that Council entered into an agreement with Northern College, for the purpose of leasing land to develop a Centre for Wildlife and the Environment. However, as there has been no activity on the lands, it was discussed with Northern College to suspend the agreement to provide both parties the opportunity to prepare for the future of the centre. Terminating the MOU will provide the Township with an opportunity to harvest timber and to remove expired trees for the reduction of fire hazards, as well as to remove insect infested trees to protect surrounding trees and to ensure that the healthy forest is maintained. The mortality of spruce is approximately 50 percent, with a lot of debris on the forest floor. During this time, Northern College will have the opportunity to revise the Memorandum of Understanding and to update Schedule B to reflect the future work for the Centre. Council discussed that a request for proposal would need to be prepared for the harvesting of timber, and the harvesting process and timeline was discussed.

Regular Meeting Minutes September 18, 2017


Resolution No. 17-09-25

Moved By: Councillor Ken Laffrenier Seconded By: Councillor Susan Cote

Be it resolved that Council for the Township of Coleman, after discussion with Northern College, wishes to terminate the Memorandum of Understanding (Lease Agreement) between the Northern College and the Township of Coleman; and

Further that Council for the Township of Coleman directs staff to provide Northern College with written notice to begin the thirty (30) day notice period.


11. New Business

11.1. Conferences:

11.1.1. 2017 AMO Municipal Labour Relations Symposium

11.1.2. Creating a Culture of Conservation – Timmins Museum: National Exhibition Centre

11.2 Motions:

11.2.1 Halton Hills – Zero Tolerance against Racism and Condemn all Racism Acts of Violence

Resolution No. 17-09-26

Moved By: Councillor Ken Laffrenier Seconded By: Councillor Lois Perry

Be it resolved that Council for the Corporation of the Township of Coleman supports the Town of Halton Hills resolution passed at their meeting of Council on August 28th, 2017, regarding zero tolerance against racism and condemn all racism acts and violence; and

Further that this resolution of support be circulated to the MP of Nipissing-Timiskaming; the MPP Timiskaming-Cochrane, FCM, AMO and the Town of Halton Hills.


11.3 Request from Laurentian University, SAE Exploration and MERC: 2D Seismic Reflection on Township Roadways – The CAO distributed a video by email and the information package prepared by the Metal Earth project. Council requested that a public information session be scheduled to discuss concerns.

11.4 Medical Report – Councillor Marcella presented Council with the Report from the Latchford Heath Centre from the meeting held in September.

Ms. Nina Chitaroni requested if she and Katrin Chitaroni could provide an update regarding the Chitaroni Subdivision. Council approved the request. Ms. Nina Chitaroni updated that they sought a legal opinion regarding the road from Russell Christie, and advised that the Township will receive a copy of their opinion.

12. Committee Reports

12.1. Public Works Dan Cleroux – No Update

12.2. Finance, Cathy Marcella – Requested the CAO to begin looking at year end projections, and to arrange a meeting with the CAO of Cobalt to begin the revision of the Cobalt/ Coleman water agreement.

12.3. Government Liaison, Dan Cleroux – Mayor Cleroux updated that Anthony Rota, MPP Nipissing-Timikaming attended Bass Lake to receive a banner signed during

Regular Meeting Minutes September 18, 2017


the Canada Day celebration, presented by the Cobalt Coleman Lions Club. Mayor Cleroux also recognized the companies and individuals who donated towards the construction of the gazebo, and unveiled a plaque to thank those mentioned.

12.4. Tourism & Recreation, Lois Perry – The CAO commented that Bass Lake Park closed for the season on September 15, 2017. The operator will prepare a report and commented that he would attend a meeting for review. Councillor Perry requested once the report is prepared to schedule a Bass Lake Committee meeting.

13. Correspondence

13.1. Attorney General – Managing the federal legalization of cannabis

13.2. Cheryl Gallant – Is Your Community in Jeopardy

13.3. Chitaroni, Mario – Summary of Issues we are Facing (Chitaroni Subdivision)

13.4. Cobalt Power Group News Release

13.5. FONOM – Summer Newsletter 2017

13.6. FONOM – Species at Risk Policy

13.7. Ministry of Northern Development and Mines – Exploration Permit Amendment Application: PR-16-10842A1

13.8. Ministry of Northern Development and Mines – Exploration Permit Application Pr-17-11142

13.9. Moose Call – September 2017

13.10. Sylvia Jones – QP Report – September 2017

13.11. Timiskaming Health Unit Board of Health Minutes – June 7, 2017

13.12. TransCanada – Energy East Pipelined Ltd.

13.13. The Voice, Vol 14, No. 19

Resolution No. 17-09-27

Moved By: Councillor Lois Perry

Seconded By: Councillor Ken Laffrenier

Be it resolved that correspondence items 13.1 to 13.13 be noted, filed and recorded in the minutes of this meeting.


14. Notice of Motion


15. In camera (closed) session


16. Confirmatory By-law


17. Adjournment

Resolution No. 17-09-28

Moved By: Councillor Lois Perry

Seconded By: Councillor Susan Cote

Be it resolved that this meeting do now adjourn at 9:06 p.m.

Carried. Regular Meeting Minutes September 18, 2017


General Accounts CAO