SMC Canada

SMC (Canada) is owned by Sabin Metal Corporation – Sabin Metal is the largest privately owned precious metal refiner in North America. Sabin Metal owns two refineries, one is located in Rochester, New York and the other is located in Willister, North Dakota.

The main feed stock at the Sabin Refineries is from the pharmaceutical and petro chemical industries. The precious metals utilized in these industries are platinum, palladium, rhodium, rhenium, gold and silver. These precious metals are utilized in their manufacturing process.

Once the metals have been removed in the melting process in one of the refineries, a slag is produced. These slags contain a minute amount of precious metals. The balance of these precious ores are removed at SMC (Canada), located in Coleman Township.

Sabin Metal Corporation, Sabin Metal West, SMC (Canada) and Sabin Commodities have offices and representation on an International basis. Their offices are located in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Brazil, China and England.

Sabin Commodities is their sister company and it’s the largest gold trader in North America.

SMC (Canada) Ltd. is in its 10th year in Coleman Township. The employees of SMC (Canada) Ltd. have assisted many organizations in the Temiskaming area and the one that is closest to their hearts in the Classic Theatre in Cobalt.

If the price of precious metals continue to behave as they have recently, it is expected that SMC (Canada) will be here for another 10 years at the very least. With platinum in and around $2,000 per ounce, palladium at $400.00, rhodium at $10,000, gold at $900 and silver hovering near $17 per ounce, they will all help steer SMC (Canada) in the right direction. SMC (Canada) Ltd. PO Box 710 Coleman, ON P0J 1C0 (705) 679-5600