Building Permit Fees



The fees payable by the applicant or authorized agent for a construction, demolition, change of use of conditional permit or inspection fees shall be as follows:

Permit fees shall be $6.00 per thousand based on a value of contract price. If there is no contract price in a written agreement, the permit fee will be calculated by Building Department as follows:

Residential (single family dwelling including prefabricated homes $1.05 per sq ft

Residential Retrofit $0.52 per sq ft

Seasonal Building no interior finish (insulation, sheeting, etc.) $0.75 per sq ft

Commercial/Industrial/Assembly/Institutional $2.05 per sq ft

Commercial/Industrial/Assembly/Institutional Retrofit $1.05 per sq ft

Commercial/Industrial/Assembly/Institutional Retrofit $0.75 per sg ft

Accessory Building – Residential

Flat fee

Woodshed $50.00

Carport $75.00

Any other acc. buildings would be calculated at $0.45 per sq ft.

Any deck or balcony will be calculated at $0.38 per sq ft MAX $200.00

Residential Alterations Flat Fee

Interior Renovations $75.00

New foundations $200.00

Foundation repairs $50.00

New roof (structural changes) $150.00

New doors and windows (structural changes) $50.00

Deck Repairs $50.00

Plumbing modification (additions or relocations) $50.00

Fire alarm system $50.00

Wood Fired Appliance $50.00

Rooftop Solar $150.00

Farming Rate per sq ft

Farm buildings $0.25

Prefabricated storage silos $125-

Additions to farm building $0.25

Pole barn $0.15

Coverall building $0.15

Restoration $0.15

Commercial/Industrial/Assembly/Institutional Alterations:

Flat Fee

New Doors or Windows (structural changes) $150.00

Interior Alteration (plumbing, other structural change) $150.00

Re-roofing – Metal/Shingle (structural change) $150.00

Re-roofing – Membrane – Flat Roof (structural change) $300.00

Fire Alarm System $100.00

Bunkhouse/work camp/trailer $800.00 + $1.00/sq ft


Flat Fee

Residential dwelling $ 75.00

Accessory building $ 50.00

Farming $ 50.00

Commercial/Industrial/Assembly/Institutional $100.00


Flat Fee

Change of use permit $50.00

Change of use if construction is required $50 + fee formula

Permit renewal $50.00

Moving permit

(relocation of structure over 108 sq ft to or from a property) $150.00

Inspection request by owner $50.00 each visit

Admin charge $50.00

There shall be an administration charge of $30.00 applied to all permits in addition to the above calculated fees.

There shall be an administration charge equal to one and a half times the above calculated fees, applied to all construction that begins prior to the issuance of a permit.

No permit shall be less then $80.00 minimum.