October 13, 2010

Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Council of the Township of Coleman held at the Council Chambers, 937907 Marsh Bay Road, Coleman Township, Ontario on Wednesday, October 13th, 2010 at 6:00 P.M.

There were present: Mayor: C. Belanger

Councillors: R. Beeson

A. Chitaroni

L. Perry

P. Tresidder

Works Foreman: D. Dufresne

Clerk-Treasurer: C. Bigelow

By-Law Officer: K. Jones

AECOM Bruce McMullan

Deputation: Anthony Story and Perry Wuest

Present: Dan Cleroux, Doug McLeod, Allan Marcella, Larry Wiwchar

Motion 10-10-04 MOVED BY Pat Tresidder and SECONDED BY A. Chitaroni

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the minutes of the following Council Meetings be adopted as distributed: Regular Meeting – September 22, 2010

Special Meeting – October 6, 2010 Carried.

Motion 10-10-05 MOVED BY Lois Perry and SECONDED BY Ron Beeson:

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the General Accounts in the amount of $202,907.56 and Payroll in the amount of $20,296.76 be passed and paid. Carried.

Motion 10-10-06 MOVED BY Pat Tresidder and SECONDED BY A. Chitaroni

BE IT RESOLVED THAT By-Law No. 10-30 being a by-law to authorize the sale of land to Rosaire Leveille and Pauline Leveille be read a first and second time.

Motion 10-10-07 MOVED BY A. Chitaroni and SECONDED BY Ron Beeson:

BE IT RESOLVED THAT By-Law No. 10-30 be read a third and final time and be passed and enacted. Carried.

Motion 10-10-08 MOVED BY Lois Perry and SECONDED BY Ron Beeson:

BE IT RESOLVED THAT By-Law No. 10-31 being a by-law to confirm certain proceedings of Council be read a first and second time. Carried.

Motion 10-10-09 MOVED BY Pat Tresidder and SECONDED BY A. Chitaroni:

BE IT RESOLVED THAT By-Law No. 10-31 be read a third and final time and be passed and enacted. Carried.

Mr. Bruce McMullan was in attendance to update Council with respect to the Coleman Water Distribution System Project.

– The South Section is mostly completed and when “deficiency list” has been attended to, the road will be turned over to the Township of Coleman. Most connections are on the new system and the old connections are being disconnected.

– The North Section is in the process of being changed over to the new system. The water mains, other than the Lower O’Brien, have been changed over. The Contractor is now starting to transfer the individual systems.


Continued (2)

Mr. Bruce McMullan’s report continued

– Agnico Report – It is understood that Agnico will bear the cost of rehabilitating the hazard. Agnico will fill the void with concrete 5 mpr to bear a 35 ton truck, re-align the road, move the fence on north side to 5.5 – 6 metres wide – there will be a “c” bend in the road in order to align. The water main will have insulation down 1.5 m. – this will include bringing the road up. There are many drill holes at this location and they will chose those that they can come through for the water line. The Residents will not be out of water during this process – only at the time of the switch over to the new system.

– If pavement is used only 34% of the roads will be restored.

– If double surface treatment is used 98% to 100% of the roads will be restored. Double surface treatment would be done next June and July.

A response is required as soon as possible

A discussion was held regarding the hill leading to the tracks – they will need to know tomorrow if Council prefer pavement at this location.

– Complaints – Ms. Carolyn Chevrier has concerns with the road leading to her residence –

the road was build according to Ontario Provincial Standards and vegetation will grow in time. The Contractor will attend to the drainage problem – a berm will be built so that water will be diverted. The road is as wide as stated it would be in the original road guidelines at the beginning of the project.

– There is one property access issue – the Contractors need permission in writing before they enter on this property. A letter has been sent to the Resident which needs to be signed before the system will be connected. Should they refuse to grant access, they can get their own Contractor to complete the connection. Forty nine residents have agreed, one has not agreed.

– Financially – 80% of the project is finished at the end of September. $80,000.00 has been ear marked for roads. The deadline for the project is March 31st, 2011.

– A financial report was distributed to the end of September 2010.

– A special meeting will be held to crunch numbers and review the by-law for water connections.

Mayor Belanger thanked Mr. McMullan for attending the meeting to update Council.

Works Department

– Two water leaks have been repaired.

– The Works Department employees attended a course with the Town of Cobalt regarding the draining of fire hydrants.

– The Works Department is getting ready for the winter.

Mr. Anthony Story was in attendance to request that the Township of Coleman partner with the Nordic Ski Club to apply for funds for a Trail Lighting Project to Hydro One’s Power Play program.

The lighting would be used to light up the Blue Trail and improve lighting around the chalet. Council agreed to look into the program to see if we can apply for funding again as the Township of Coleman has already received funds from this program in the past.

Unfinished Business:

1. County of Huron – Council requesting that the Ontario Power Authority investigate making domestic content inspections of microFIT projects mandatory.

2. Mayor Belanger read correspondence received from Mr. Ross Latter, Municipal Auditor regarding Audit Qualifications. The Clerk-Treasurer to obtain information from our Municipal Advisor, Mr. Bryan Searle. This matter to be discussed at the next meeting of Council.

3. Correspondence received from Ontario Power Generation regarding the erosion protection program was reviewed.

4. Mr. Reg Holdsworth was in the office advising Caldwell’s would be repairing the boat launch at the Refinery Townsite October 14th, 2010. Councillor Beeson and Work Foreman agreed to go to the site in the morning.

Continued (3)

Unfinished Business continued

5. Copies of the Cobalt, Coleman, Latchford & Temagami meeting minutes were distributed to Council. Mayor Belanger reviewed correspondence regarding the Lake Temiskaming Loop Tour Motorcycle Videos

6. Mayor Belanger reviewed the update received from Mr. Larry McCormack, Ministry of the Environment, regarding the Cobalt Refinery Property. Copies were distributed to Council.

7. Mayor Belanger reviewed correspondence received from Mr. Bob Aubin, Ministry of Natural Resources. The Clerk-Treasurer to arrange a meeting with Mr. Kevin Pinkerton regarding Greenwood Park.

Conferences – Technology Transfer Workshop – Roundabouts

New Business:

1. Council have had a chance to review Mr. Joe Torlone’s correspondence regarding Bill 191, the Far North Act.

2. Council have had a chance to review correspondence received from Mike Milinkovich, Mayor of the Township of Black River-Matheson regarding Ontario’s Poor Pension Laws.

3. Mayor Belanger read correspondence received from Hydro One Networks Inc. regarding the appointment of Mr. David Mowat as Customer Operations Manager for Kirkland Lake and New Liskeard. The Clerk-Treasurer to forward emergency numbers to Mr. Mowat.

4. Copies of the following information received from the Municipal Taxpayer Advocacy Group were distributed to Council – these matters were deferred to the next meeting:

Opportunity to eliminate waste management costs

Source of Hydro Rate Problems in Ontario

5. Council reviewed correspondence received from the City of Timmins regarding Species at Risk Public Registry


– MNDM&F – New NOHFC Executive Director, Board Members Announced.

– Emergency Management & Training Inc. – issue

– Chamber – Halloween Bach

– NE LHIN – Food for Thought

– Press Release – Ontario Government & School Boards Urged to Walk the Talk on Walking to School.

– Environmental Protection – newsletter

– Chamber – newsletter

– OTS – news

– The Cobalt Historical Society – The Cobalt Adventure

– Snow Guarantee – release

– Contact North – Increase in Enrolment

– The Match Factory – grant opening

– BRM Mayor – Simple H2o

– AMO – 2009 Annual Expenditure Report




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Copies of the following were distributed to Council and those present:

1. Zone 8 Workshop held September 28th and 29th, 2010

2. Planning workshop held September 2010

3. Budgetary Control report

4. Ministry of the Environment – non impact lots setback

Motion 10-10-10 MOVED BY Ron Beeson and SECONDED BY Lois Perry:

WHEREAS Section 239 (2) states that a meeting or part of a meeting may be closed to the public if the subject matter being considered is:

(a) personal matters about an identifiable individual, including municipal or local board


(b) a proposed or pending acquisition or disposition of land by the municipality or local board;

(c) litigation or potential litigation, including matters before administrative tribunals, affecting the municipality or local board;

BE IT RESOLVED THAT this part of the meeting be closed to the public. Carried.

Motion 10-10-11 MOVED BY Ron Beeson and SECONDED BY A. Chitaroni:

BE IT RESOLVED THAT this meeting do now adjourn. Carried


22279 Waynes Garage 145.33

22280 Cobalt SMC Diggers 200.00

22281 Reliance Home Comfort 41.30

22282 Bruce Hawkins 192.00

22283 Void during Printing

22284 Kemp Pirie 4764.98

22285 Coleman Fire Dept 55.19

22286 Don Laitinen 81.00

22287 Cobalt Public Library 2000.00

22288 NorthernTel 416.52

22289 Ontera 30.50

22290 Uniongas 270.92

22291 Logan Gannon 21.63

22292 Kenneth Jones 50.00

22293 Grand & Toy 74.56

22294 Fire Safety Canada 529.97

22295 Claire Bigelow 679.81

22296 AMCTO 278.60

22297 Allain Racine Company 4030.71

22298 Mike Keon 96.00

22299 Void in Print

22300 Canada Post 322.05

22301 Dianne Desormeaux 243.75

22302 Void – Incorrect amount

22303 Coleman Fire Dept 140.00

22304 HydroOne 1174.79

22305 NorthernTel 295.35

22306 Lois Perry 146.70

22307 Cobalt Public Library 1498.00

22308 A&B Digital Printing 289.36

22309 Accuracy Environmental 137.80

22310 Arnstein Ind Equip Ltd 942.61

22311 Bartlett’s Auto Electric Ltd 302.29

22312 Benson 10.24

22313 Bluewave Energy 243.10

22314 Carleton Uniforms 816.71

22315 CIBC 1327.19

Continued (5)


22316 City of Timmins 150.81

22317 Devost’s Valumart 93.58

22318 Domson Engineering 550.08

22319 DSSAB 16350.20

22320 Fire Safety Canada 454.80

22321 Grand & Toy 81.81

22322 Gabbani Courier Service 29.52

22323 Grant Fuels Inc 3331.92

22324 Great West Life Inc 3299.72

22325 Home Inprovement 256.96

22326 Hydro One 2654.18

22327 JJ’s Corner Store 437.31

22328 Lifesaving Society 131.58

22329 Linde Canada Ltd 72.54

22330 Miller Minerals 5729.07

22331 Minister of Finance 3219.00

22332 MPAC 6299.11

22333 Municipal World Inc 625.06

22334 North Cobalt Flea Market 581.18

22335 OMERS 2137.56

22336 Owl Lite 244.51

22337 Pedersen Concrete 383.64

22338 Pete’s Small Engines 86.87

22339 Pheppen Waste Management 1240.06

22340 Pioneer Diesel Injection Ltd 433.72

22341 Prism Publishing 253.12

23342 Receiver General September 2010 6102.95

22343 Reliance Home Comfort 43.36

22344 Rona 1456.90

22345 School Taxes English Public 55875.70

22346 School Taxes French Public 4832.26

22347 School Taxes English Separate 15742.08

22348 School Taxes French Separate 35929.36

22349 South Wabi Sawmill 384.20

22350 Steel Communications 1084.80

22351 Superior Propane 54.54

22352 Temiskaming Speaker 1630.69

22353 TIME Ltd 173.84

22354 Town of Cobalt 6079.58

22355 Township of Armstrong Bldg Pmts 1521.00

22356 Tri-Town Parts & Services 28.89

22357 Wayne Hearn 151.50

22358 WSIB 507.36

22359 Xerox 331.62

Total Expenditure $202,907.56

PAYROLL $20,296.76




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