May 30, 2011

Minutes of a Special Meeting held in the Council Chambers, 937907 Marsh Bay Road, Coleman Township, on Monday, May 30th, 2011 at 5:30 p.m.

There were present:

Township of Coleman Mayor: D. Cleroux

Councillor: S. Cote C. Marcella

L. Perry P. Tresidder

Clerk-Treasurer: C. Bigelow

Clerk Intern L. Belanger

Fire Chief: D. Laitinen

By-Law Officer: K. Jones

Mayor Cleroux read correspondence received from the Ministry of the Environment regarding the Cobalt Environmental Steering Committee – this matter was tabled and will be discussed at the next regular meeting.

Mayor Cleroux read correspondence received from Mr. Oliver Jerschow, Ministry of Infrastructure, advising the Township of Coleman’s request to use surplus funds from the Municipal Infrastructure Investment Initiative (MIII) has been approved – remaining funds from the LaRose Bridge project – $121,279.00. The Clerk-Treasurer to request these funds from the Town of Cobalt who administered this program.

Motion 11-05-23 MOVED BY Lois Perry and SECONDED BY Cathy Marcella:

WHEREAS Section 239 (2) states that a meeting or part of a meeting may be closed to the public if the subject matter being considered is:

(a) personal matters about an identifiable individual, including municipal or local board employees;

BE IT RESOLVED THAT Council agrees to reconvene in closed session at 5:30 p.m. to discuss the following matter:

1. Property Standards – Local Business

2. Right of Way & Easement – Duval agreement Carried.

Motion 11-05-23 MOVED BY PatTresidder and SECONDED BY Cathy Marcella:

BE IT RESOLVED THAT Council agrees to reconvene in open session at 6:05 p.m. without a report. Carried.

Tenders for the Mud Lake Road construction were opened. The Clerk-Treasurer to advertise this tender in the local newspaper.

A quote has been received from a local bank to fund the Coleman Water Distribution Project. The Clerk-Treasurer to contact the CIBC bank to inquire if they will provide the municipality with the same interest rate.

A request has been received from an individual renting a trailer lot at Bass Lake. Council advised there would be no exception regarding a second fridge on a deck and liability insurance coverage must be provided.

Chief Laitinen advised he would look into burning brush at the Municipal Waste Site as required by the Ministry of the Environment.

Motion 11-05-25 MOVED BY Susan Cote and SECONDED BY Pat Tresidder:

BE IT RESOLVED THAT this meeting do now adjourn. Carried.

The purpose of the public meeting is to discuss the Coleman Water Distribution System Project.

Also present: Peter Monk, Mike Keon, Bob & Rita Hearn, Wayne Alldis, Jack church, Bruce Leis, Bill Sutton, John Olson, Dennis & Cathy Hakola, Allan Marcella, Tom Adshead, Doug & Cecile McLeod, Daryl & Gaetane Dufresne, Larry Leaper, Pete & Joyce Nadeau, Aline Perron, Bob Perron, Louanna Williams, Dianne & Tony Desormeaux, Margot Sawyerr, Bonnie & Kelly Ames, Norman Cooper, Randy Gervais, Len Bilodeau, Shirley Gilson, Louise Larocque-Denis, Andre Denis, Yves Breault, Aaron Koza, Brandi McComb, Martin Hacquard, Vincent Girard, Richard & Heather Hunting, Alain Beauchamp, Anne-Marie & Bob Perry, Anne Wilson, Marg & Henry Meilleur, Marelle & Jean Guy Pinet, Stephanie Leis, Barry Poulton, Jackie Matheson, Don Anderson, Barb Beneke, Edith & Garnet Alberta, John Olson, Gary Bigelow, Sharon & Steve Roberson, Ronald & Pearl Ackert, Larry Wiwchar, Rayburn & Vivian Johnston, Norman Cadieux, Michel Cooper, Alan McEwen, Armand Leonard, Cecelia Dambrowitz, Gord Foden, Paula & Ron Larocque, Pete & Sarah-Jane Klaassen, Victor Legault, Ronald Mitchell, Perry Wuest, H. C. Bud Berry, Karen Laffrenier, Dean Karn, Ted McCullough, Russ Johnston, Larry Elliott, Scott Dufresne, Carolyn Chevrier, Carol & Monty Storie, Ron Beeson, L. Barker, Sylvia Siemens, Mal & Linda Cook, Hans & Christine Traimer, Jim O’Brien, Reg Holdsworth, Terry Ann & Brad Gilvert, Lawrence Othmer, Larry Reeve, Tom Buck, Paul Pinkerton, Mike Lafoy & mary Lafoy, Melissa Cote, John Dufresne, Kent Saxton, Larry leaper, Larry Desjardins, Marc Martin, Charles Mawhiney, Rachel Ethier, Paul & Elaine Bogart. There were some who did not sign in.

Mayor Cleroux opened the meeting at 7:05 p.m.

Motion 1-05-26 MOVED BY Pat Tresidder and SECONDED BY Lois Perry:

BE IT RESOLVED THAT Mayor Cleroux opens this public meeting at 7:05 p.m. Carried.

Councillor Pat Tresidder declared a conflict with the Coleman Water Distribution System.

Mayor Cleroux introduced Council and administrative staff and thanked Councillor Marcella and staff for the work done on the Coleman Water Distribution System Project upgrades. He also acknowledged the Town of Cobalt and members of the community who have worked and assisted the Township during this process.

Councillor Marcella’s presentation.

– Short history about the Safe Drinking Water Act Legislation which requires that municipalities provide safe drinking water to all users and report on the full cost of water services to the Ministry. – Water Users consist of residential, business, fire protection and road maintenance. It is Council’s intention to adopt a user pay methodology and follow the Financial Plan Guidelines in the Safe Drinking Water Act. Full infrastructure costs of the project will be recovered among the users within the community.

– Two proposals were put forward – # 1 where 49 water users will pay the infrastructure costs from Point of Demarcation into private property and # 2 where 49 Water Users will pay for 85% of total infrastructure costs based on estimated usage.

– Municipal Capital Cost of Project – $402,672.00

– Less Road Resurface Costs – $ 17,425.00

– Total Water Project -$385,247.00

– Proposal # 1 – Monthly Debt Charge to Water User – $16.29 and 1-time charge $1,571.43

Proposal # 2 – Monthly Debt Charge to Water User – $69.22 and 1-time charge $6,678.57

The debt impact will be no greater than 2.5% of the general operating budget therefore, no additional tax burden to tax payers.

Public Presentations

Bill Sutton

– Commended Councillor Marcella for overseeing the project and all of Council for their work during the process.

– Water Users were not able to cut down on their water usage which resulted with this project.

– Although only a small portion of the taxpayers are connected to the system, municipal funds were spent on the fire department, municipal complex, surface treatment of Loon Lake Road and a power line to the dump resulting in a tax revenue. Part of the Township of Coleman’s Water Users payment will be directed to the loan repayment.

Ron Mitchell, Gillies Lake Road

– Read an article in the Voice about the Coleman Water Distribution System

– Directed his request to Councillor Perry regarding the previous council’s plans for repayment.

Councillor Perry advised that previous council’s plan was to collect from the 49 Water Users (Users pay). They were informed by letter in July 2010 on how much they would pay, approximately, and during two public meetings. The Intake Two “Hardship Clause” was used by Council in order to get the 90% funding for the project. The Municipality would help by going to the bank and setting things up to facilitate the repayment of the loan by Water Users

Carolyn Chevrier

– Ms. Chevrier wrote the article in the Voice and read part of it which stated that 49 Water Users would experience a hardship if they pay the greater portion of the project.

– A Committee was in place and they were never invited to participate in the process.

– The installation of fire hydrants will improve fire protection and municipal roads.

– The cost of the project is 10% of $4m.

– Water Users have paid extra due to the failing system, mismanagement of moneys and nothing collected for a reserve. Water Users were never informed.

– Due to leaks in lines, the reserve was applied to costs from the Town of Cobalt. The Town had to put in boosters and charge more for usage and labour.

– Water Users cannot dig wells as they cannot fragment the system.

– The Township of Coleman refused to join the Town of Cobalt when they upgraded their system.

– Water Users were informed, in a letter that not all received, that their cost would be approximately $8,000.00. Water Users did not sign an agreement or a proposal.

– Municipal Funds were spent on the Bass Lake project.

– Municipality is a water user – 49 Water Users should not be responsible for all the years of neglect.

Dennis Hakola

– Mr. Hakola presented the bottom line regarding the Coleman Water Distribution System.

– There were four options at the beginning and there are only two options left.

– Option A – Water Users would be responsible for 100% of the cost

– Option B – Water Users would be responsible for 50% of the cost

– Option C – Water Users would be responsible for 20% of the cost – $1,600.00

The Township of Coleman as a whole would be responsible for $320,000.00.

– Option D – Water Users would be responsible for 90% of the cost

The Township of Coleman would be liable for 10% for fire protection as no water is used for roads. Over the last couple years, the Town of Cobalt did not charge the Township as the water was not metered.

– Option D is the fairest option as those who benefit from the project would pay for most of the cost.

– Councillor Marcella provided a blizzard of numbers which included the 1,669 municipal lots being responsible for 80% of the cost. A separate line will be added to all municipal tax bills. This calculation should be done by assessment.

– Would like to see accurate numbers for the Fire Department usage.

– Mr. Hakola supported Option D because that arrangement is most fair for the taxpayers as the system is used mostly by Water Users.

Tom Adshead

– Mr. Adshead was in attendance to read a letter submitted by Hudson & Wendy Hunt.

– Mr. Hunt is opposed to paying for the Coleman Water Distribution System cost, as the system is a local improvement. It only benefits the households and businesses directly connected to the system.

– Fire hydrants will only benefit homes and businesses within a very limited radius of the hydrant.

– Coleman Township operates under the rules and laws of the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and he will take concerns directly to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and the Rural Ontario Municipal Association.

Gord Foden, Bay Lake

– Residents of Bay Lake do not get any dust control and very seldom fire suppression.

– If Water Users want water, they should pay for it. The value of their homes is increased because of municipal water connection.

– Mr. Foden’s cost for a well was $14,000.00 and the value of his home has not increased because of the Coleman Water Distribution System.

– Mr. Foden did not expect the municipality to pay for his water connection.

Don Laitinen, Fire Chief

– Chief Laitinen cannot estimate the amount of water to be used to suppress a fire

– He will get water where he can depending on the season/location.

– Fire Hydrant are a benefit.

Michael Cooper, Mileage 104

– Mr. Cooper owns 13 parcels and does not want to pay 13 times for the water.

– Roads in Mileage 104 are never watered for dust control.

– If he has to pay for water, bring the water to Mileage 104.

– His tenants shouldn’t have to absorb costs.

Bud Berry, Marsh Bay Road

– Mr. Berry has to replace his pump – cost $1,000.00.

– In addition “Non Water Users” must pay for hydro each time the pump starts.

– He is not getting anything from the Coleman Water Distribution System.

– He lives on fixed income as well as he considers himself an “Old Folk” as well.

– Water supply for dust control and fire protection should be obtained from other sources – not from treated water – i.e. other municipalities get water from a pools located on Crown Land with permission from the Ministry of Natural Resources.

– Wells are costly – not free.

Doug McLeod, West Cobalt

– Mileage 104 residents did not pay for their wells. Funding was provided by the Provincial Government and the Township of Coleman.

Larry Elliott

– Mr. Elliott owns a cottage on Mud Lake (island).

– He cannot get water to his location – the Fire Department would need a Fire Boat.

– His taxes and insurance are sky high due to his location.

– Can’t figure why he would have to pay for water he can’t use.

Dennis Kelly

– Mr. Kelly enjoyed Councillor Marcella’s presentation.

– He supports Option D and he would like to know what it would cost per parcel.

Kent Saxton, Bass Lake

– A lot of time has been spent; it’s time to put the project to bed.

– Mr. Saxton advised the project should be divided in 3 parts:

1. Infrastructure paid by water users

2. Paving paid by Coleman, whole

3. Water Use paid by Users.

Margot Sawyerr, Refinery Townsite

– She inquired why Refinery Townsite Residents pay for their septic system and receive monthly bills.

– The Septic system is a municipal system for which the municipal is responsible by law.

Jim O’Brien, Marsh Bay Road

– Municipal Sewer System costs are paid by users

– Municipal Water System costs are paid by Users

– Costs are paid by Users – Water Users and the Township of Coleman pay as one users.

– Mr. O’Brien had to pay for his own system and does not want to pay for others.

Jackie Matheson

– Ms. Matheson inquired why treated water is used for dust control and fire suppression?

Gord Foden

– Mr. Foden requested a show of hands

Mayor Cleroux

– Mayor Cleroux refused a vote by “show of hands”

– Council will make a decision after considering all comments.

Mayor Cleroux announced that approval has been received from the Ministry of Infrastructure for the remainder of the LaRose Bridge funding – $121,279.00 which will be spent of surface treating municipal roads.

Marc Martin

– All discussions should be held during open meetings and not during in-camera sessions.

Mayor Cleroux agreed and stated that “as mayor, that’s not the way I do things”.

Marg Meilleur, Refinery Townsite

– Mrs. Meilleur advised she and her husband are pensioners.

– They paid for their septic system and now need a new pump for their well.

Peter Monk

– Mr. Monk purchased his property with the understanding that he would be provided with water, as his residence is located on mining property.

– Money should have been put away over the years for the replacement of the system.

Carolyn Chevrier

– Ms. Chevrier reiterated that this is a clear issue – Water Users agree to pay for water usage. There are three components to this issue – consumption, delivery and usage.

– Agnico’s lines were bad and the lines to the homes were in good shape.

Mayor Cleroux advised that Council does not want to go to the past, they want to look ahead to the future.

Motion 11-05-27 MOVED BY Pat Tresidder and SECONDED BY Lois Perry:

BE IT RESOLVED THAT this meeting do now adjourn. Carried.
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