May 3, 2006

Minutes of a Special Meeting held in the Council Chambers, 10 Prospect Avenue, Cobalt, on Wednesday, May 3rd, 2006 at 6:00 p.m.
There were present:

Township of Coleman Mayor: C. Belanger

Councillor: M. Allaire

R. Beeson

K. Leopold L. Perry

Clerk-Treasurer: C. Bigelow

Road Superintendent: A. Simpson

Present: Ron Ackert, Bill McKnight, Gary Bigelow, Allan Marcella, Pat Tresidder, Doug McLeod, Mary Lafoy, Allen and Alana Simpson, Shirley Gilson, Curtis Johnston, Cara Hill, Jason Pollard, Ray & Vivian Johnston, Peter Monk, Franklin Gagnon, L. Roberts, Dan Cleroux.

The public/special meeting was called to discuss water rates with Coleman Residents who purchase water from the Town of Cobalt.

A summary of usage, expenditures and calculations was presented to each resident. A schedule prepared by the Town of Cobalt was also included in the package.

Councillor Beeson explained the process Council has followed since the new Provincial Regulations have come into effect. He advised residents that an agreement has been reached with the Town of Cobalt to provide management, operation, administration and maintenance services for the Coleman Water Distribution System – cost $5,506.00 annually. New meters have been installed which resulted in a more realistic number for water consumption as the old meters were rusted and not doing the job properly.

Since the new meters have been installed, water consumption in two areas has tripled since 2005 at for the same period. All lines will be checked for leaks by the Works Department and, if no leaks are found, these two meters will be re-calibrated. Another suggestion put forward was that residents who are obligated to bleed their lines due to possible freeze up during the winter months should use smaller bleeders and all plumbing fixtures should be in good working condition so that water is not wasted unnecessarily. One resident suggested individual meters and another heaters on the lines as was done in the Town of Cobalt. One possibility might be to re-route some lines where it is possible to do so economically.

After a lengthy discussion, it was agreed that the water rate would increase to $80.00 monthly. Should water consumption decrease over the next few months as result of repairing leaks, if any, or re-calibrating two meters, Council will review the rate and decrease it appropriately. In the future, the rates will have to reflect a small increase for a reserve and all the existing reserve was used up in 2005 as a result of purchasing new meters and the increase cost of water.

Council will continue to work on the Coleman Water Distribution System and try to make it as efficient as possible.

Council reviewed the plan presented by Rick McLeod for the relocation of the University Headframe. Council felt that a one (1) acre parcel would be sufficient for the headframe.

The Clerk-Treasurer reported on a conversation with Union Gas regarding the rate per M3. Rates will remain as they are for the present time.

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Council reviewed correspondence from the Ministry of Natural Resources regarding access required for Crown Aggregate Pit adjacent to Purchase Lands-Options for access preservation. Mayor Belanger will contact Mr. James Lathem to discuss this matter and invite Mr. Lathem to attend the next regular meeting of Council.

Conference: AMO Annual Conference

Sustainable Planning workshop


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Motion 06-05-01 MOVED BY Ron Beeson and SECONDED BY Marcel Allaire:

BE IT RESOLVED THAT this meeting do now adjourn. Carried.

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