June 17, 2013

June 17, 2013
Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Council of the Township of Coleman held at the Council
Chambers, 937907 Marsh Bay Road, Coleman Township, Ontario on Monday, June 17th, 2013
at 6:00 P.M.
There were present: Mayor: D. Cleroux
Councillors: S. Cote
C. Marcella
L. Neil
L. Perry
Works Foreman: B. Bigelow
Clerk-Treasurer: C. Bigelow
Fire Chief: D. Laitinen
Deputation: William Sutton – Snow Removal
Present: Jim Patrick
Motion 13-06-16 MOVED BY Lois Perry and SECONDED BY Cathy Marcella:
BE IT RESOLVED THAT Council approves the agenda for the regular meeting of June 17th,
2013 as presented: Carried.
Councillor Perry declared a conflict with matters dealing with The Voice and the Temiskaming
Motion 13-06-14 MOVED BY Cathy Marcella and SECONDED BY Lisa Neil:
BE IT RESOLVED THAT the minutes of the following Council Meetings be adopted as
distributed: Regular Meeting – June 3, 2013 Carried.
Motion 13-06-18 MOVED BY Susan Cote and SECONDED BY Lisa Neil:
BE IT RESOLVED THAT the general accounts in the amount of $20,097.90 be passed and
paid. Carried.
Works Department
– Mr. Brian Bigelow distributed his plan to complete some of the repairs as indicated in the
Municipal Building Condition Assessment
– Mr. Bigelow presented a quote received from Kenworth – two more quotes are expected.
– The garbage truck repairs are nearing completion.
– Mr. Bigelow will obtain a quote for a 1 ton truck with a hydraulic lift and plow.
– The Finance Committee requested a review of fleet expenses for the last three years.
Motion 13-06-19 MOVED BY Susan Cote and SECONDED BY Lisa Neil:
BE IT RESOLVED THAT Council approves the Works Department Report submitted by Mr.
Brian Bigelow, Works Department, as presented: Carried.
June 17, 2013
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Fire Department
– Chief Laitinen advised the fire hazard signs should be ready this week – one will be placed at
the complex and the other at the Bass Lake Road entrance. Another sign will be ordered for
the Portage Bay Road entrance.
– Inspections will be conducted at Jeunesse en Marche camp on June 18th and Knights of
Columbus on July 6th.
– An MNR workshop/training session will be held June 22nd.
– Mr. Graig Johnston will provide a written quote to replace the pump on the little tanker
– Chief Laitinen will look into lowering the number for seating capacity for the Community Hall.
– Chief Laitinen is working with the Chief Building Official for the addition tostore the hoses.
Motion 13-06-20 MOVED BY Cathy Marcella and SECONDED BY Lois Perry:
BE IT RESOLVED THAT Council approves the Fire Department report submitted by Chief
Don Laitinen, as presented: Carried.
– Copies of the TCC Economic Development Strategic Plan were distributed to Council
– The Emergency Plan Table Top Exercise is scheduled for September 17th, 2013 at 6:00 p.m. in
Latchford – topic will be flooding
– Mr. Brian Bigelow will look after the Burdock problem at the property adjacent to the Chevrier
– Copies of the Detailed Continuity and Amortization schedule were distributed to Council.
– The Clerk-Treasurer is authorized to purchase the Christmas Turkeys from Quality Meats for
– The meeting scheduled for June 24th will not be held with St. Cyr Associates. The meeting
with Mr. Jeff St. Cyr will be held during a regular meeting.
– Mr. Gord Lennon was in the office to offer his services with street light repair and replacement
– Council reviewed sample minutes and preferred the Temiskaming Shores sample.
Motion 13-06-21 MOVED BY Cathy Marcella and SECONDED BY Lois Perry:
BE IT RESOLVED THAT Council approves the Administration Report submitted by the
Clerk-Treasurer, as presented: Carried.
Mr. William Sutton was in attendance to express his opposition to the fact that only a few
residents were sent a letter regarding the practice of moving snow onto Coleman Roads. In his
opinion all general ratepayers should have received the same letter.
Mayor Cleroux advised his comments would be taken into consideration.
1. Sharp Lake Park – Mayor Cleroux updated Council about the meeting held June 5th with
Mayor Sartoretto and Mr. Steph Palmateer regarding Sharp Lake Park rezoning process.
Council reviewed the Letter addressed to Sharp Lake Area Residents Association. This
correspondence will be forwarded to Ms. Sarah Vereault, Municipal Planner, for her
2. Road Upgrade – Councillor Marcella updated Council regarding Bass Lake Road and Cassidy
Lane upgrades.
June 17, 2013
3. Municipal Building Condition Assessment – Mr. Brian Bigelow prepared and distributed his
planned repairs for the complex following the Assessment report.
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4. Coleman Asset Management Plan – Council reviewed and approved the Asset
Management Plan as presented by Mr. Les Ranta. The Clerk-Treasurer to request a
quote to add the fleet to the plan which would not be included in the Provincial
5. TransCanada Pipeline – Mayor Cleroux reported on a presentation made by
TransCanada Pipeline held June 5th,
6. Notice to Patients of the Latchford Medical Clinic – Dr. Roedde will become the clinic
physician July 1, 2013 without interruption in patient care.
1. Conferences – AMO Councillor Training
Northern College – Hunter Education
2. Motion- Prism Publishing – Biker’s Reunion – refused.
Speaker – Temiskaming & Area map
Motion 13-06-22 MOVED BY Cathy Marcella and SECONDED BY Lisa Neil:
BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Clerk-Treasurer be authorized to purchase an ad in the
Temiskaming and Area Map for $85.00. Carried.
3. Agnico Eagle – logo & name change
Agnico Eagle have redesigned their logo and adjusted their legal name to Agnico Eagle.
4. Timiskaming Health Unit – Public Bathing Beach Water Quality Monitoring
The Timiskaming Health Unit will monitor Bass Lake Beachy again this year during the
bathing season.
5. The Smytty Memorial Scramble – request for donation
Council did not approve the Smytty Memorial Scramble’s request for donation.
6. Temiskaming Angler & Hunter Association – Bridge concerns
Council reviewed correspondence from the Temiskaming Angler &Hhunter Association
regarding their concern with the status of the bridge over the creek running out of Botha
7. MMAH – Herbicide 2,4,5-T
Council reviewed the correspondence from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing
regarding the investigation into the use of the herbicide 2,4,5-T by Ontario government
ministries and agencies.
8. Ministry of Energy – FIT & large energy projects.
Council reviewed correspondence from the Ministry of Energy regarding the FIT and
large energy projects.
9. Northeastern Ontario Tourism – Expression of Interest for Partnership Dollars.
Councillor Perry will look into the Northeastern Ontario Tourism opportunity to apply for
tourism partnership funds.
June 17, 2013
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Public Works
– The Clerk-Treasurer to forward the latest report from Miller Paving
– Mr. Alex Forrest complained about the entrance to his residence.
– Councillor Marcella presented the May financial report.
Tourism & Rec
Councillor Perry reported on Bass Lake Park:
– The lifeguard chair has been delivered.
– the chlorination system has been completed – testing will be done bi-weekly.
– Mr. Ken Buffam has resigned from the Committee.
– General maintenance is ongoing.
– The trailers will be realigned in the Fall.
– Councillor Perry reported on a meeting held with persons from local communities, headed by
Mr. James Frank, who are trying to bring people off Highway 11 to the Highway 11B corridor
from the North and the South ends. They would like to erect a sign at the University
Headframe site at the South end. Council agreed in principle to this proposal.
Mayor Cleroux presented the ATV report. The ATV event has been tabled for now.
– The Cobalt Historical Society – thank you
– St. Patrick School – thank you
– Community Living Temiskaming South – thank you
– AMO Communications – breaking news, watch file
– The Weekly Detour
– Ontario Trails
– The Cobalt Historical Society – thank you
– MCS – One Call to Dig Consultation Update
– Ontario Tire Stewardship – update
– MNDM – Improving Waste Diversion
– HazMat – update
– Frank Klees MPP – Parliamentary Tribute to Orange First Responders
– Temagami Cobalt Corridor – TCC Committee Minutes
– Environmental Events – update
– Service Ontario – Getting Married in Ontario
– Ontario Heritage Trust – 2013 Recognition Program
– Heritage Matters – May 2013
– Canadian Environmental Protection – newsletter
– CURB Magazine
– OMERS – update
– MCI – A Guide to Programs and Services for Seniors in Ontario
– OMAFRA – Brown Marmorated Stink Bug
– EMP Status Update
– ORKIN – landscaping and pest management
June 17, 2013
– Places to Grow – publication
– The Working Forest
– TMA – minutes
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Motion 13-06-23 MOVED BY Lois Perry and SECONDED BY Lisa Neil:
WHEREAS Section 239(2) states that a meeting or part of a meeting may be closed to the
public if the subject Matter being considered is:
(a) personal matters about an identifiable individual, including municipal or local
board employees;
BE IT RESOLVED THAT Council agrees to reconvene in closed session at 8:33 p.m.
to discuss the following matter: Chitaroni Subdivision Carried.
Motion 13-06-24 MOVED BY Lisa Neil and SECONDED BY Susan Cote:
BE IT RESOLVED THAT Council agrees to reconvene in open session at 8:45 p.m. without a
report. Carried.
21704 Claire Bigelow 259.00
24705 Hydro One 1,147.91
24706 Incorrect Name
24707 Wayne’s Garage 741.86
24708 Yves Breault 1,920.00
24709 Jennifer Milroy 1,250.00
24710 Accuracy Environmental 56.50
24711 Bartlett’s Auto Electric Ltd 194.39
24712 Benson 144.61
24713 CIBC 331.70
24714 City of Timmins 155.68
24715 Coleman Fire Department 124.15
24716 Dam Depot 345.85
24717 Devost’s Valumart 51.61
24718 Gabbani Courier Service 58.22
24719 Grant Home Hardware Building 369.37
24720 H2O on the Go 27.50
24721 Home Improvement 40.61
24722 Hydro One 218.04
24723 Jennifer Milroy 167.82
24724 Lakeview Signs 282.50
24725 Linde Canada Ltd 72.54
24726 Minister of Finance 300.00
24727 Near North Laboratories 67.80
24728 New Liskeard Sheet Metal 791.00
24729 North Cobalt Flea Market 274.37
24730 Northern Terraflora 134.47
24731 Phippen Waste Management 163.96
24732 Pioneer Diesel Injection Ltd 44.68
24733 Red Stallion 115.65
24734 Regional Maple Leaf Comm. 281.37
24735 Rona Ontario 206.52
24736 South Wabi Sawmill 1,960.55
June 17, 2013
Continued (6)
24737 Story Environmental Services 3,475.85
24738 Temiskaming Speaker 275.72
24739 T. J. Adshead Electrical 3,584.98
24740 Township of Coleman 34.10
24741 Tri- Town Automotive Ind. Supply 43.46
24742 Uniongas 383.56
TOTAL 20,097.90
Motion 13-06-25 MOVED BY Susan Cote and SECONDED BY Lisa Neil:
BE IT RESOLVED THAT this meeting do now adjourn.