July 25, 2007

Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Council of the Township of Coleman held at the Council Chambers, 937907 Marsh Bay Road, Coleman Township, Ontario on Wednesday, July 25th, 2007 at 6:00 P.M.

There were present: Mayor: C. Belanger

Councillors: A. Chitaroni

P. Tresidder

Clerk-Treasurer: C. Bigelow

Fire Chief: J. Breault

Works Foreman D. Dufresne

Deputation: Mr. Roger and Mrs. Kelly

Present: Allan and Cathy Marcella, Doug McLeod, Bill Sutton and Jason Pollard

Motion 07-07-28 MOVED BY Pat Tresidder and SECONDED BY A. Chitaroni:

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the minutes of the following Council Meetings be adopted as distributed:

Regular Meeting – July 11, 2007

Special Meeting – July 18, 2007 Carried.

Motion 07-07-29 MOVED BY A. Chitaroni and SECONDED BY Pat Tresidder

BE IT RESOLVED THAT By-Law No. 07-22 being a by-law to regulate traffic be read a first and second time. Carried.

Motion 07-07-30 MOVED BY Pat Tresidder and SECONDED BY A. Chitaroni:

BE IT RESOLVED THAT By-Law No. 07-22 be read a third and final time and be passed and enacted. Carried.

Mr. and Mrs. Kelly were in attendance to request that their garbage be picked up at their residence as they have been advised they would have to pay a disposal fee if they brought their garbage to the waste site themselves. Municipal employees will clean up the garbage on Mr. Kelly’s garbage deposit area next week and will pick up four bags only from then on.

Mr. Larry McCormak, Ministry of the Environment, advised a fire had been reported at the waste site by a Coleman resident. Mr. Dufresne advised municipal employees had been at the waste site on many occasions throughout the day and there has not been a fire at the waste site there at any time.

Chief Jeff Breault attended the meeting to report on the progress being made with the full E-911 and fire dispatch services. Council reviewed both by-laws provided by the Timmins Police Service and the information package received from the North Bay O.P.P. regarding their E-911service. Council agreed they would pass the by-law with the Timmins Police Service for the full E-911 and fire dispatch.

Mr. Dufresne advised the Septic Tank and cement blocks have been delivered for the septic system and storage room.

Council reviewed correspondence received regarding Rockwalk Park Inc. and the Cobalt Food Bank’s 1st Annual Prospector’s Stampede.

Continued (2)

Council approved Josh Audette’s, Summer student, request to do a placement for high school at the Township of Coleman in the Fall from September to February. Arrangements will be made by the Temiskaming District Secondary School.

Council reviewed correspondence received from the Town of Cobalt regarding a meeting to discuss Sharpe Lake Park. The meeting will be scheduled for July 31st, 2007 at 6:00 p.m.

Conferences – AMO 2007 Conference

Canadian Brownfields 2007

Workplace Investigations

EMO Conference

Motion 07-07-31 MOVED BY A. Chitaroni and SECONDED BY Pat Tresidder:

WHEREAS Consolidated Court costs have put huge demands on local host municipal Police Services to provide security and pay 100% of the costs, and

WHEREAS the Province of Ontario is the only Canadian Province or Territory not paying for Court Security,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Council of the Corporation of the Township of Coleman fully supports the City of Owen Sound’s request that the Provincial Government fulfill its responsibility and pay for 100% of Court Security costs. Carried.

Motion 07-07-32 MOVED BY Pat Tresidder and SECONDED BY A. Chitaroni:

BE IT RESOLVED THAT Scott Dufresne be hired to construct a fire proof room to be used for storage and

AND THAT Tom Adhsead be hired to install a septic system. Carried.

Council reviewed correspondence received from the Ministry of the Environment regarding funding for certain activities within the Ontario Drinking Water Stewardship Program. The Clerk-Treasurer to discuss Land securements/easements with the Mr. Kemp, Township Lawyer.


– City of Kingston – affordable housing

– Ministry of Culture – Artists

– Parks and Recreation Ontario – Ontario Election Platform and Infrastructure Report

– Summit – June 2007 issue

– MNDM – Computer Gaming Technology Centre to be created in the Sault

– MNDM – Matachewan Multi-purpose Facility

– MNDM – Alberta Oil Sands Bonanza

– MNDM – Support for Massey Tourism

– Earlton-Timiskaming Regional Airport Municipal Services Board – minutes

– Cowan – news & views

– Colleges Ontario – College Voice

– Summer 2007 Infrastructure News

– MNR – Rabies Vaccine Baiting Notice

– The Learning Centre – one-stop access

– North East CCAC – newsletter

A discussion was held regarding the Coleman Water Distribution System with residents present. Mr. Dufresne advised Mr. Mike Howard had located three leaks in the system which will be repaired as soon as possible, possibly beginning next Monday morning. Mayor Belanger advised municipal employees looked for two days before location the leak on the O’Brien property which was quite expensive. The repair of this leak has reduced water consumption on this line by 2/3 already. Locating and repairing other leaks is essential for Coleman Water Users. Council is committed to do everything possible to reduce consumption and continue trying to obtain funding for the replacement of water lines.

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It was felt that, since there are only 46 Water Users on the Coleman Water Distribution System, it might be difficult to obtain funding from the Province. Other Coleman Residents, who have their own private well systems, have voiced objections to being responsible for Coleman Water Distribution System Users’s expenses.

Statements made by Water Users were:

– Water Users should not be responsible for expenses if they have not been consulted prior to arranging for any expenditure

– A method should be found where Water Users should not have to bleed water lines during the Winter months

– Water Users should know where they stand financially on a monthly basis

– Water Readings should be reviewed each month and leaks should be repaired as soon as possible if they are indicated in the reading.

– Would Water Users be financially responsible should a break occur under Highway 11B?

– A reserve must be built before rates are decreased.

– Rates are set by water usage. The reason Coleman Water Users pay more than Cobalt Water Users is due to water consumption by Coleman residents.

– The average water use is 230 – 235 gallons per day per household.

A discussion was held regarding fire protection for residents at Mileage 104 should the fire truck be moved from the garage. Automatic Aid with the Town of Cobalt was considered as one possible option. Council will mention this matter when they meet with the Town of Cobalt.

Motion 07-07-33 MOVED BY A. Chitaroni and SECONDED BY Pat Tresidder:

BE IT RESOLVED THAT this meeting do now adjourn. Carried.

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