July 19, 2006

Minutes of a Special Meeting held in the Council Chambers, 10 Prospect Avenue, Cobalt, on Wednesday, July 19th, 2006 at 6:00 p.m.
There were present:

Township of Coleman Mayor: C. Belanger

Councillor: M. Allaire

R. Beeson

K. Leopold L. Perry

Clerk-Treasurer: C. Bigelow

Deputation: Mr. Bob Hearn, Cobalt Coleman Community Policing Committee

The purpose of the meeting was to hire a By-Law Officer.

Mr. Bob Hearn was in attendance to request the Coleman annual funding in the amount of $500.00 for the Cobalt Coleman Community Policing Committee. Members of Council are also invited to the dedication which will take place on Sunday, August 6th, 2006 at 3:30.

Motion 06-07-16 MOVED BY Marcel Allaire and SECONDED BY Lois Perry:

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Clerk-Treasurer be authorized to donate $500.00 to the Cobalt Coleman Community Policing Committee to assist with the sitting park dedicated to the late member of Parliament Bruce Lonsdale. Carried.

Motion 06-07-17 MOVED BY Marcel Allaire and SECONDED BY Ron Beeson:

BE IT RESOLVED THAT Mr. Kenneth R. Jones be hired as by-law officer for the Township of Coleman – Monthly fee $250.00 + $50.00 for travel. Carried.

Council reviewed applications received for the office cleaning position. The Clerk-Treasurer to request that the four applicants selected submit a proposal for cleaning.

Correspondence received from Mr. William Sutton was reviewed.

Mayor Belanger read a letter sent to NEOnet Inc by the Honourable Anthony Rota, MP, requesting an update regarding high speed internet in the Township of Coleman.

Correspondence received from Ontario Power Generation regarding the Hound Chute G.S. to Latchford Easement Acquisition Project was reviewed.

Council reviewed information package received from MacLeod Farley & Associates regarding funding applications to NOHFC, RED and FedNor for the Strengthening the Tourism Core for the Historic Cobalt project. This matter will be deferred to a later date.

Council reviewed the Temagami Integrated Planning Project provided by the Ministry of Natural Resources.

Mayor Belanger declared September 17th to 23rd “Yellow Ribbon Suicide Awareness and Preention Week”.


– City of Brampton – School Guard Crossing

– Township of South Stormont – Cosmetic Pesticides

– Ministry of Culture – 2005-06 Library Strategic Development Fund

– The Renewable Energy Co-operative North

– Ministry of Culture

– Solid Waste & Recycling Magazine Newsletter

– HaxMat Management Newsletter

– NEOnet – Wired News.

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Motion 06-07-18 MOVED BY Marcel Allaire and SECONDED BY Ron Beeson:

BE IT RESOLVED THAT this meeting do now adjourn. Carried.

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