January 4, 2011

Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Council of the Township of Coleman held at the Council Chambers, 937907 Marsh Bay Road, Coleman Township, Ontario on Tuesday, January 4th, 2011 at 6:30 P.M.

There were present: Mayor: D. Cleroux

Councillors: S. Cote

C. Marcella

L. Perry

P. Tresidder

Clerk-Intern: L. Belanger

Clerk-Treasurer: C. Bigelow

Works Foreman: D. Dufresne

By-Law Officer: K. Jones

Deputations: Bruce McMullan, AECOM – Coleman Water Distribution System Reconstruction Project

Clayton Seymour, Chief Building Official

Present: Emma Laughlin and Doug McLeod

Mr. Bruce McMullan was in attendance to update Council with respect to the Coleman Water Distribution System Reconstruction Project. The project was substantially completed on time. The water service has been provided to forty-nine residences, one residence has not been included but can be completed at any time in the future. A calibrating machine, housed in Cobalt, has been purchased for use by the O.R.O. Meters will be read and billing will be forwarded to Users once a month when all work is completed and tested.

The Harmonized Sales Tax has significantly increased the cost of the project due mainly to labour costs being taxed. This increase will affect the restoration work still remaining to be completed on the project. Mayor will address this concern with Mr. David Ramsay, MPP and Mr. Anthony Rota, MP. A motion will be drafted and forwarded to the Temiskaming Municipal Association for their consideration and support.

Mayor Cleroux thanked Mr. McMullan for his excellent presentation.

Mr. Clayton Seymour, Chief Building Official was in attendance to introduce himself to the newly elected Council. He gave a brief summary of his work for the twenty one municipalities he serves. He advised the Township of Coleman was the busiest municipalities out of the Temiskaming Municipal Building Association. The income exceeds the expenditures in 2010 and the surplus will be placed in a reserve for future years. The Clerk will continue representing the Township of Coleman on the Building Committee.

Mayor Cleroux thanked Mr. Seymour for attending the meeting.

Coleman Volunteer Fire Department

Chief Laitinen could not attend this meeting but he wanted to report that lights are required at the entrance of the Community Hall and the closet in the hall should be completed. Works Foreman Dufresne will contact local contractors to finish this work within the next week.

Works Department

A discussion was held regarding the purchase of a new plow truck. A copy of the lease to purchase document was distributed to Council. Council agreed to lease the plow truck.

Mr. Dufresne advised he purchased a fuel pump for the fuel tank at the cost of $800.00.

He plowed a logging road for K. D. Logging – an invoice was forwarded to them for $250.00.

A discussion was held regarding l/2 load limits on municipal roads – Mr. Dufresne to get more information before any decision will be made on this matter.


A budget meeting will be held on January 24th, 2011. The Clerk to provide copies of the 2010 budget, trial balance and budget report to Council prior to this date.

The Clerk-Treasurer to obtain quote for a new photocopier from Grant & Toy and Wyatt Images.

W.S.I.B.’s Schedule 1 will be reviewed for Coleman Volunteer Firefighters with regards to annual wage.

Public & Safety

Councillor Tresidder will attend the Coleman Fire Department meeting on January 6th, 2011.

Government Liaison

Mayor Cleroux advised the Hon. Anthony Rota will be hosting a session at the Steak Villa on January 16th, 2011between 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. to address any concerns.


Mayor Cleroux updated Council with regards to the Cobalt Refinery Site clean up.

The Clerk-Treasurer to get an update from Ms. Dawn Spires, Ministry of Northern Development, Mines and Forestry with respect to abandoned mine funding for contaminated sites and the Northern College Site on Portage Bay Road. 

Motion 11-01-01 MOVED BY Lois Perry and SECONDED BY Cathy Marcella:

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the minutes of the following Council Meetings be adopted as distributed: Regular Meeting – December 22, 2010

Special Meeting – N/A Carried.

Motion 1-01-02 MOVED BY Sue Cote and SECONDED BY Pat Tressider:

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Works Foreman be authorized to order a Kenworth Plow Truck as per the quote attached – total cost $184,190.00 plus tax – deposit $4,000.00.

Council has chosen Option 1 of the lease agreement with a term of 24 months which includes a down payment of $27,628.50 + tax and monthly payments of $4,847.31 + tax.

The down payment of $27,628.50 due on receipt of truck. Carried.

Council did not approve the new format for the agenda and minutes but want the Township logo to be included on each document. The delegation request will be reviewed when the website is updated.

Mayor Cleroux withdrew the amendment to the by-law to govern the proceedings of Council, the conduct of its members and the calling of meeting.

The Ministry of the Environment’s draft Town of Cobalt and Township of Coleman Assessment Report will be included with discussions with the Town of Cobalt Council at a meeting which is to be scheduled in the near future.


– AMO Watch File

– Cottage Dog

– c Wing – EasySorter

– Hydro One – TOW Periods and Prices

– PITCH-IN Ontario Municipal Partcipants for 2010

– Water Line Innovation

– Tom Mitchell, President, OPG – Demonstrating Value to Electricity Ratepayers

Mrs. Logan Belanger reported on the Ministry of Health Promotion – Health Communities Fund. The deadline for applications is February 14th, 2011. Copies of this information will be forwarded to Council for their review.

Motion 11-01-03 MOVED BY Sue Cote and SECONDED BY Pat Tresidder:

BE IT RESOLVED THAT this meeting do now adjourn. Carried

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