December 22, 2010

Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Council of the Township of Coleman held at the Council Chambers, 937907 Marsh Bay Road, Coleman Township, Ontario on Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010 at 6:00 P.M.

There were present: Mayor: D. Cleroux
Councillors: S. Cote
C. Marcella
L. Perry
P. Tresidder
Works Foreman: D. Dufresne
Fire Chief: D. Laitinen
Clerk-Treasurer: C. Bigelow
Clerk Intern L. Belanger
Also Present: Melvin Fleming, Claude Gauthier, Danille Giroux, Ross Latter, Allan Marcella, Doug McLeod, & Sue Nielsen
Disclosure of pecuniary interest: N/A
1. Ross Latter – Municipal Auditor: Council signed a letter of engagement and a letter authorizing Kemp Elliot and Blair to perform the 2010 audit. Councillor Cote inquired about the time line for completion; Ross stated approximately the end of February. Ross explained the audit process. Councillor Marcella requested a schedule for capital expenditures for the past four years.
2. Sue Nielsen – Timiskaming Health Unit (THU): Ms. Neilsen provided an update to council on the THU activities. There is a surplus of $155,000 which will be distributed to the municipalities, on a per capita basis. They have met or exceeded the Ministry’s expectations for 2010, and the staff continues to provide excellent quality services. Ms. Nielsen stated that she will be visiting council quarterly to provide updates.
3. Melvin Fleming – Recycling Operation: Mr. Fleming explained his business; i.e. collecting and shipping cardboard, cans and plastics. Mayor Cleroux and Fire Chief Laitinen explained their concerns for potential safety issues with respect to fire and contaminants to the water table. The Fire Chief will set up a meeting and a tour of the facility to discuss a clean up plan. Mr. Fleming states that he is working towards shipments to move the material, as well as upgrading/expanding his facility.
Motion 10-12-32 MOVED BY Lois Perry and SECONDED BY Cathy Marcella:
BE IT RESOLVED THAT the minutes of the following Council Meetings be adopted as distributed:
Regular Meeting – December 8, 2010
Special Meeting – N/A
Committee Reports:

Fire Department: Don Laitinen provided council with a handout regarding the Northeastern Fire Education Conference in North Bay. He requested permission for four fireman to attend this workshop. Council agreed; motion to follow. Don will perform his inspection of the Municipal, complex and will report to council in the new year. The cabinet to store flammable liquids was delivered and will be installed. The Fire Department judged the Christmas decoration contest on

December 21st, and the winners are: Kelly Roger (1st place), Peter Monk (2nd place) and Terry Green (3rd place). Council requested that outdoor lights be installed outside the entrances to the Community Complex.

Public Works: Mr. Dufresne stated that the plow recently incurred two break downs and a flat tire. He updated council that the spare fire hydrant was delivered. Mrs. Bigelow received a new water meter and submitted a statement to the bank with the cost of the meter. Councillor Cote provided Council with a report outlining a leasing option for a new plow. Council discussed the report in detail and decided to proceed with the lease, providing the agreement is reviewed. Motion to follow. Mayor Cleroux thanked the department for sanding the streets in Cobalt and for their work during the snow storm last week.

Coleman Water Distribution System: Mayor Cleroux updated council on AECOM’s site meeting and Cathy reviewed a list of the items that will be completed in spring 2011. Council would like the water By-Law to be sent to George Kemp for review.

Finance: Councillor Marcella explained a spreadsheet and reporting process that will occur on a monthly basis for budgeting purposes.

Planning and Development: Mayor Cleroux requested that Councillor Cote select committee members to begin reviewing the Township’s official plan.
Unfinished Business:
1. Orkin: Pest control Services: Council reviewed the quote and accepted; Motion to follow. This contract will redirect the Cat’s service and he will be removed from the Township Office.
2. Hall Contract: Council reviewed and agreed to the addition on the contract regarding the cleaning regulations of the hall.
3. Joint Maintenance of Air Compressor Agreement: Council agreed to pay the $200 for the maintenance of the compressor; motion to follow. Coleman’s share of the purchase of a new compressor will be tabled until the new year.
4. New Agenda and Minute Format: Council will review next year.
5. Delegation Request Form: Council will review next year.
6. Letter of Support for Councillor Sue Nielsen, Town of Cobalt, to be the representative on the Timiskaming Health Unit: Council will support, Motion to follow.
7. Letter: Cobalt, Coleman, Latchford and Area Food Bank: Mayor Cleroux read the letter.
Unfinished Business: con’t
8. Building Code on Trailers: Council reviewed by-law and agrees to the construction to St.Onge’s modular home providing the porch is closed in.
9. Ontario Good Roads Association: 2011 Conference: Clerk-Treasurer reserved two rooms in London for council.
10. Thank you letter from Kevin Pinkerton, Area Superintendent, Ontario Parks: Mayor Cleroux read the letter.
New Business:
1. Conferences:
AFMO: Annual Conference
AMO: Energy Management Planning Workshop
AMO: 2011 AGM Conference
College Boreal Career and Trades Employment Fair Meeting
Essentials of Municipal fire Protection – Decision Makers Guide
FONOM: 2011 Conference
Northeastern Fire Education Conference
Northeast Plant Group Stakeholder
OGRA: 2011 Municipal Roads Technologies Workshop
Ontario Building Official Association: Annual Meeting and Training Session
2. By-Law to amend by-law 10-37 to govern the proceedings of council, the conduct of its members and the calling of meetings was reviewed. Councillor Perry would like Council to appoint councillors to committees. It is Council’s by-law and the elected officials should make these decisions. She would like to review the by-law in January 2011 to review the appointment of committees.
3. Motions:
Motion 10-12-33 MOVED BY Lois Perry and SECONDED BY Pat Tresidder:
BE IT RESOLVED THAT four Volunteer Firefighters be authorized to attend the 13th Annual Northeastern Fire Education Conference – March 31 to April 3, 2011 – cost $275.00 ea for a total of $1,100.00. The Clerk-Treasurer to reserve two rooms.
Motion 10-12-34 MOVED BY Susan Cote and SECONDED BY Pat Tresidder:
BE IT RESOLVED THAT The Corporation of the Township of Coleman approves the two-year lease of a Plow truck with a down payment of $25,000 (inclusive of taxes), conditional upon the review of the lease agreement.
Motion 10-12-35 MOVED BY Pat Tresidder and SECONDED BY Sue Cote:
BE IT RESOLVED THAT The Corporation of the Township of Coleman supports the appointment of Councillor Sue Nielson as our representative on the Temiskaming Health Unit.
Motion 10-12-36 MOVED BY Cathy Marcella and SECONDED BY Pat Tresidder:
BE IT RESOLVED THAT ORKIN/PCO Services Corporation be hired to provide pest control for the Township of Coleman municipal building – cost $60.00 monthly plus tax.
Motion 10-12-37 MOVED BY and SECONDED BY Cathy Marcella:
BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Clerk-Treasurer be authorized to pay the sum of $200.00 to the Corporation of the City of Temiskaming Shores for the maintenance of the Compressor as per correspondence of December 2nd, 2010.
Motion 10-12-38 MOVED BY Lois Perry and SECONDED BY Cathy Marcella:
BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Clerk-Treasurer be authorized to pay the 2011 Membership invoice for AMO, in the amount of $638.47. Carried
Motion 10-12-39 MOVED BY Pat Tresidder and SECONDED BY Susan Cote:
BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Clerk-Treasurer be authorized to pay the 2011 Membership invoice for the Ontario Good Roads Association (OGRA), in the amount of $513.12. Carried
Motion 10-12-40 MOVED BY Susan Cote and SECONDED BY Pat Tresidder:
BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Clerk-Treasurer be authorized to pay the 2011 Membership invoice for FONOM, in the amount of $160.00. Carried
4. Coleman the Cat: Petition for “Coleman the Cat” will be placed on the office counter. Councillor Perry stated that residents have a right to develop and distribute petitions under the freedom of expression.
5. FCM: Canadian Infrastructure Report Card Project: Office staff can complete online survey
6. Healthy Communities Fund: Council requests more information on the program
7. MPAC: 2011 Municipal Products Licence – Extending last agreement: Council read for their information
– MPAC Funding requirements: Report stated 2011 charge for budgeting purposes
8. OGRA: Report of the OGRA Nominating Committee: Council reviewed.
9. OMERS: Registration: Mrs. Belanger to be added to OMERS
10. OMPF: Funding Reduction for 2011: Councillor Perry would like to start a resolution to be submitted to TMA and FONOM
11. OPG: Ribbon cutting Spring 2011 for the Hound Chute and Upper Mattagami Generating Stations
12. Village of Thornloe: TMA Appointment: Mayor Cleroux reviewed the letter and stated that he may reconsider the decision in the new year. Councillor Perry stated that she has developed a good working relationship with the committee over the past four years and she wishes to continue on the board.
Motion 10-12-41 MOVED BY Pat Tresidder and SECONDED BY Susan Cote:
WHEREAS Section 239 (2) states that a meeting or part of a meeting may be closed to the public if the subject matter being considered is:
(a) personal matters about an identifiable individual, including municipal or local board employees -(Lonnie Bumstead);
(b)advice that is subject to solicitor-client privilege, including communications necessary for that purpose (Cobalt Water Act);
BE IT RESOLVED THAT this part of the meeting be closed to the public.
Carried.Mayor Cleroux re-opened the meeting.
Motion MOVED BY Lois Perry and SECONDED BY Susan Cote:BE IT RESOLVED THAT this meeting do now adjourn. Carried.
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