August 13, 2008

Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Council of the Township of Coleman held at the Council Chambers, 937907 Marsh Bay Road, Coleman Township, Ontario on Wednesday, August 13th, 2008 at 6:00 P.M.

There were present: Mayor: C. Belanger

Councillors: R. Beeson

A. Chitaroni

P. Tresidder

Clerk-Treasurer: C. Bigelow

Works Foreman: D. Dufresne

Economic Development

Financial Officer: N. Renaud

Present: Doug McLeod, Bill Sutton, Cathy and Allan Marcella

Motion08-08-01 MOVED BY A. Chitaroni and SECONDED BY Ron Beeson:

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the minutes of the following Council Meetings be adopted as distributed: Regular Meeting – July 23, 2008

Special Meeting – July 30, 2008 Carried.

Motion 08-08-032 MOVED BY A. Chitaroni and SECONDED BY Pat Tresidder:

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the General Accounts in the amount of $261,092.13 and Payroll in the amount of $47,433.18 be passed and paid. Carried.

Motion 08-08-03 MOVED BY A. Chitaroni and SECONDED BY Ron Beeson:

BE IT RESOLVED THAT By-Law No. 08-24 being a by-law to prepare an accessibility plan be read a first and second time. Carried.

motion 08-08-04 MOVED BY Pat Tresidder and SECONDED BY A. Chitaorni:

BE IT RESOLVED THAT By-Law No. 08-24 be read a third and final time and be passed and enacted. Carried.

Motion 08-08-05 MOVED BY Pat Tresidder and SECONDED BY A. Chitaroni:

BE IT RESOLVED THAT By-Law No. 04-25 being a by-law to confirm certain proceedings of Council be read a first and second time. Carried.

Motion 08-08-06 MOVED BY A. Chitaroni and SECONDED BY Pat Tresidder :

BE IT RESOLVED THAT By-Law No. 04-19 be read a third and final time and be passed and enacted. Carried.

Ms Renaud advised Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation have determined the Township of Coleman’s application ineligible as the project provides for minor renovations to the existing facilities for existing municipal services.

As the Hydro One Power Play Program’s main focus is children, Ms Renaud felt the Bass Lake Beach would be a perfect fit. She will complete an application for playground equipment and general beach clean up in her application.

Ms Renaud encouraged Council to consider making an application to the Department of Canadian Heritage’s Building Communities through Arts and Heritage program next year. This program funds Local Arts and Heritage Festivals and Community Historical Anniversaries.

Ms Renaud provided Council with an example of a brochure for the Township of Coleman. She encouraged Council to consider a brochure to advertise the Township.

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Mr. Daryl Dufresne advised the Works Department have cleaned up garbage at Peterson and Kerr Lakes. Culvert replacement and ditching will be done at Mileage 104. They will finish gravelling municipal roads in the coming weeks.

A discussion was held regarding the Coleman Water Distribution System. An increase in usage has been detected on Peter Street and Nipissing Property. Mr. Dufresne will look into this situation to see if there might be leaks on these lines.

Mrs. Marcella questioned whether the Township of Coleman had negotiated a rate for lead testing in the Township with the Town of Cobalt. Councillor Beeson said the Town of Cobalt is charging for the cost of the testing only – lab costs, hourly cost for Cobalt employees and vehicles and transportation..

A duplicate amount was entered on the financial report provided by the Clerk-Treasurer. The report will be reviewed and corrected if required.

Residents of Mileage 104 were not in favour of extending the Coleman Water Distribution System to Mileage 104.

The Clerk-Treasurer will forward the COMRIF announcement to Mr. Bruce McMullan, Consultantfor the Coleman Water Distribution System..It was suggested that he send a letter of intent to the Province for this next round of COMRIF funding..

The Clerk-Treasurer to request a detailed report from the Municipal Auditor for the 2007 Coleman Water Distribution System financial report.

Council was provided with a copy of the by-law required for participation in the OMERS primary pension plan for eligible Council Members. This matter will be discussed at the next meeting.

A discussion was held regarding the Northern College/Coleman Wildlife and Environmental Centre agreement. Mr. George Kemp is reviewing the agreement and will include a clause providing the Township of Coleman an opportunity to opt out of the agreement under specific circumstances as well as a Dispute Resolution process. The Clerk-Treasurer will request that Mr. Kemp also include a liability clause in the agreement. Copies of the project prospectus was provided to those present.

Mr. McLeod enquired if the dispute regarding the Cobalt Water Act is ongoing with the Town of Cobalt. He was advised the matter is still not settled. Mr. McLeod and Councillor Chitaroni questioned the cost of Mr. Watts, municipal lawyer for Township of Coleman in this matter.

Mr. McLeod also remarked on the disrepair of the Cenotaph. Councillor Chitaroni will discuss this matter with the Town of Cobalt and the Royal Canadian Legion once again and request their permission, in writing, to relocate the Cenotaph to the Cobalt Park. The Township of Coleman will relocate the Cenotaph but the upkeep of the monument will become the responsibility of the Town of Cobalt in the future.

The Clerk-Treasurer provided Council a copy of the Coleman Peacetime Emergency Plan which has been recently revised. The Plan will approved at the next meeting of Council.

Conferences -Municipal DataWorks

2008 Ontario Emergency Management Conference

Leadership & Project Planning and Management

Motion 08-08-07 MOVED BY Pat Tresidder and SECONDED BY Ron Beeson:

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Council of The Corporation of the township of Coleman hereby wishes to continue participating in the Temiskaming Building Association. Carried.

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Motion 08-08-08 MOVED BY Ron Beeson and SECONDED BY Pat Tresidder:

BE IT RESOLVED THAT Mrs. Joanne Cleroux proceed with building a cart at the cost of $375.00.

Motion 08-08-09 MOVED BY Pat Tresidder and SECONDED BY Ron Beeson:

WHEREAS water is a valuable natural resource in Ontario and in Canada, and plays a critical role in our history, recreation, livelihoods and health;

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Council of The Corporation of the Township of Coleman fully supports the Township of Galway-Cavendish and Harvey’s request that the Provincial and Federal governments protect Canada’s water resources from export discussions and from being used as toxic dumps for the mining and oil refinery industries. Carried.

Council reviewed the following correspondence:

– Township of Hilliard’s petition to the Province of Ontario to take the same position as the Province of Quebec to allow “Zenn” electric vehicles to be licensed in Ontario.

– the Township of Muskoka Lakes’ request that the Board of Directors of MPAC to improve their operations.

– FONOM’s new slate of officers

– The District of Timiskaming Social Services Administration Board’s National Child Benefit Reinvestment Initiative.

– The Ministry of the Environment Community Lead Testing Program – second round of testing under the O.Reg. 170/03

– Copies of the discussion paper on Modernizing Ontario’s Mining Act were provided to Members of Council.

– The Ministry of Natural Resources regarding the Opportunity to Review Draft FMP – Temagami Forest 2009-2019 Forest Management Plan – September 3, 2008 in Temagami and September 4, 2008 in New Liskeard.

– Hydro One Networks Inc have installed smart meters at the Bass Lake Park and Refinery Townsite.

– Council were given copies of Despres-Pacey Insurance Brokers Limited’s hazard summary which was reviewed . Mr. Dufresne will address these hazards.


– Spending Smarter – August 2008 Infrastructure News

– Ministry of Finance – changes to property tax and assessment systems

– Smart Serve Ontario – newsletter

– Ministry of Natural Resources – Rabies Control Program

– Electrical Safety Authority – Flash

– Municipal Employer Pension Centre of Ontario – OMERS 2009 Contribution Rates

– TransCanada – information package

– Brownsfields Marketplace Magazine

– EMO Quarterly Program Development Update

– EcoENERGY for Personal Vehicles

– The Latchford and Area Moose Call

– Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services – Toolkit (Copies distributed to Council)

– OPG – Guidelines and graph for August 7th

– Green Forum speaking opportunity

– NEOnet – Wired News

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The Clerk-Treasurer to order a sign for Crosswise Lake with wording provided by the Temiskaming Health Unit.

The Clerk-Treasurer to enquire about the delay with the Mud Lake Parcels timber harvesting/road construction with Mr. Al Legros, Grant Forest Products Inc.

The Clerk-Treasurer provided Council with a Budget Report.

A meeting is scheduled for August 20th, 2008 with Refinery Townsite Residents at 6:00 p.m. and the Ministry of Natural Resources at 7:00 p.m.

Mrs. Cathy Hastings, Bass Lake Attendant, will be reimbursed for her mileage. Council will consider a business for Bass Lake Beach for next Spring.

Councillor Pat Tresidder will review a plan regarding a possible lot addition for his residential property.

Motion 08-08-10 MOVED BY Pat Tresidder and SECONDED BY Ron Beeson:

BE IT RESOLVED THAT this meeting do now adjourn. Carried


20440 Despres-Pacey $1221.48

20441 Kemp Pirie McLeod $613.75

20442 Dianne Desormeau $11.29

20443 Diamiani Furniture (Trucking) $2677.50

20444 Claire Bigelow $299.19

20445 Temiskaming Speaker $767.69

20446 Cobalt Silverfest $600.00

20447 Accuracy Environmental $56.00

20448 Uniongas $141.77

20449 HydroOne $921.83

20450 CIBC $1401.20

20451 Kenneth Jones $50.00

20452 Don Adshead Trucking $6641.25

20453 Canada Post $273.00

20454 Catherine Hastings $1000.00

20455 Catherine Hastings $314.74

20456 Carolyn Chevrier $111.10

20457 Great West Life $2906.71

20458 School Txs English Public $57108.58

20459 School Txs French Public $3110.25

20460 School Txs English Separate $16261.69

20461 School Txs French Separate $40860.19

20462 Bruce Hawkins – Terry Gagnon Glasses $250.00

20463 Colleen Belanger $139.99

20464 Fidelak Enterprises $1910.97

20465 Pierre Nadeau – Joyce Glasses $250.00

20466 Northern Gradall $12504.21

20467 Dianne Desormeaux $194.25

20468 Colleen Belanger Motel/Toronto $222.41

20469 Accuracy Environmental $54.50

20470 Acklands $76.64

20471 Arnstein Ind $100.32

20472 Bartlett’s Auto $122.93

20473 Bluewave Energy $80.29

20474 Chico’s Fix It $96.05

20475 Don’s Septic $1485.00

20476 DSSAB $18510.95

20477 Excel $291.11

20478 Grand & Toy $439.05

20479 Grant Fuel $2936.77

Continued (5)

20480 Grant Home Hardware $5.41

20481 Home Improvement – Cancelled

20482 HydroOne $1267.64

20483 James Lathem Exc $429.40

20484 Kemp Pirie McLeod $892.50

20485 Miller Minerals $5994.25

20486 MPAC $5961.04

20487 Munisoft $122.08

20488 New Liskeard Sheet Metal $84.61

20489 NorthernTel $459.45

20490 NorthernTel Mobility $99.03

20491 Northern Bugwear $367.25

20492 Ontera $13.56

20493 Pioneer Diesel $161.32

20494 Prism Publishing $144.90

20495 Receiver General – July 2008 Payroll Ded $12372.70

20496 Red Stallion $179.50

20497 Reliance Home Comfort $31.50

20498 Rona Inc $295.60

20499 Royal Tire $3164.00

20500 Stock Transportation $2427.28

20501 Sutcliffe $10849.81

20502 Temiskaming Speaker $848.10

20503 TIME Ltd $256.93

20504 Timiskaming Health Unit $6050.00

20505 Twp of Armstrong – Bldg Permit $4395.20

20506 Tri-Town Automotive Ind $565.55

20507 Accuracy Environmental $31.40

20508 AG Nor Ltd $229.68

20509 City of Timmins $126.66

20510 Cobalt Public Library $1498.00

20511 Cote Services $1965.55

20512 Grand & Toy $165.03

20513 Gabbani Trans $30.88

20514 Grant Home Hardware $635.37

20515 Home Improvement $17.48

20516 Hydro One $52.25

20517 Lakeveiw Signs $769.53

20518 Lynde Canada $72.55

20519 Miller Minerals $7166.15

20520 Minister of Finance $182.16

20521 Voided Cheque

20522 North Cobalt Flea Market $761.26

20523 NorthernTel Mobility $99.45

20524 OMERs -July 2008 $3129.96

20525 Phippen Waste $503.42

20526 Purolator $51.00

20527 Rona $331.08

20528 Stock Transportation $2658.20

20529 G Stephen Watt $4040.80

20530 Town of Cobalt – Taxes 10 Prospect $997.02

20531 Vaughan Paper Products Inc $105.54

20532 WSIB $850.24

20533 Xerox $168.41

TOTAL $261,092.13

PAYROLL $47,433.18

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