April 30, 2008

Minutes of a Special Meeting held in the Council Chambers, 937907 Marsh Bay Road, Coleman Township, on Wednesday, April 30th, 2008 at 6:00 p.m.

There were present:

Township of Coleman Mayor: C. Belanger

Councillor: R. Beeson
L. Perry P. Tresidder
Clerk-Treasurer: C. Bigelow

Ministry of the Environment: Larry McCormak

Doug Walsh

Mileage 104 Residents: Gary Bigelow, Lucille Larkin, Rick & Mrs. Suy, Jeannine Taylor, Ellis & Ellis. Cowell, Norm Cooper, Bonnie Howe and Dan Cleroux

Mayor Belanger opened the meeting and turned it over to Mr. McCormak who was present to answer any questions regarding the Cobalt Lagoon.

Mr. McCormak gave a brief history of the Cobalt Lagoon. The Town of Cobalt installed the first lagoon in 1907 at which time sewage treatment plants were not possible. Upgrades were done to the system throughout the years. The present system was installed in 1991 without a sewage treatment plant. Extensions were granted to the Town of Cobalt as vegetation was necessary for the proper functioning of the system.

Complaints have been received by the Town of Cobalt and the Ministry of the Environment due to odour coming from the Lagoon. A Director’s Order has been issued to the Town of Cobalt who have hired a Consultant to rectify the problem. The Consultant has presented the Town with recommendations regarding more storage and aeration. Mr. McCormak advised the Town of Cobalt are receptive to these recommendations. The Town of Cobalt must provide the Ministry of Environment with a contingency Plan by July 2nd and the Consultant must have a design plan sufficient to make application to the Ministry of Environment no later than March 2nd, 2009. This process will solve the problem. In the meantime the system will have to be pumped as required and water levels controlled in order to minimize the odour.

Mr. McCormak also advised the Town of Cobalt have to deal with complaints forthwith and notify the Temiskaming Health Unit when receiving any complaints.

A discussion followed regarding wells and well water at Mileage 104. In Mr. McCormak’s opinion, the Cobalt Lagoon is not causing water problems at Mileage 104. It was suggested that the Coleman Water Distribution System be extended to Mileage 104. Council will consider this request.

Mayor Belanger thanked Mr. McCormak and Mr. Walsh for attending the meeting and addressing the concerns of Mileage 104 residents.

Mrs. Barb Woods, Tri Town Chamber of Commerce, will make an ATV presentation during the Economic Development Committee meeting on May 7th, 2008.

Mr. Dean Reeds will make a presentation on Straw Bale Buildings on June 18th at 6:00 p.m. Ms Renaud will notify other municipalities and contractors about this presentation.

A special rate will be set for the use of the Community Hall

– afternoon rate $75.00.

Motion 04-08-32 MOVED BY Ron Beeson and SECONDED BY Lois Perry:

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Clerk-Treasurer be authorized to pay the Tri-Town & District Chamber of Commerce membership in the amount of $115.00. Carried.

Motion 04-08-33 MOVED BY Pat Tresidder and SECONDED BY Ron Beeson:

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Clerk-Treasurer be authorized to purchase a laptop computer in the amount of $1,364.76 from Electronic North. Carried.

Council reviewed correspondence received from Mr. Mike Trodd regarding Public Access Defibrillation project partners. Once the training has been completed, onsite visits will be arranged to confirm mutually agreeable mounting locations and hand over the necessary equipment. Special plaques for each location, denoting sponsorship credits and PAD program support will be sent by the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

The Frog’s Breath Foundation have turned down the Township of Coleman application for funding to assist with the Municipal Complex lighting and door project.

Council reviewed correspondence received from the Town of Latchford regarding the W.J.B. Greenwood Provincial Park.

Council reviewed correspondence received from Minister John Gerretsen regarding the Cobalt Refinery Property. “Ministry staff have been diligent both in monitoring environmental conditions at the Cobalt Refinery site and in their efforts to ensure that the site’s owners take full responsibility and appropriate steps to improve site conditions.”

Council reviewed Coleman Residences’ Lead Sample Analytical Results provided by the Town of Cobalt. Samples were collected to fulfill municipal obligations for lead sampling found in the amended Drinking Water Systems Regulation (O.Reg. 170/03), made under The Safe Drinking Water Act, 2002. Samples indicated that drinking water from these residences contain no lead, or a concentration of lead that is below the Ontario Drinking Water Quality standard.


– OGRA – PSAB Seminars by Direct IT and R.J. Burnside & Associates Limited.

– Township of Tiny – 400th Anniversary – Arrival of Samuel de Champlain

– FCM sustainability study tour in BC

– Waste Diversion Ontario – Appointment of Andy Campbell as the Managing Director

– LAS Communication – Energy Management Updates

– MPAC – 2007 Annual Report and financial Statements

Motion 04-08-34 MOVED BY Pat Tresidder and SECONDED BY Ron Beeson:

WHEREAS this meeting deals with a proposed or pending acquisition or disposition of land by the municipality or local board;

AND WHEREAS this meeting deals with personal matters about identifiable individuals including municipal or local board employees;

BE IT RESOLVED THAT this meeting be closed to the public. Carried..

The following resolution emanated from the in camera session.

Motion 08-04-35 MOVED BY Lois Perry and SECONDED BY Pat Tresidder:

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Clerk-Treasurer be authorized to submit an Offer to Purchase the Kiwanis Property for $250,000.00. Carried.

Motion 04-08-36 MOVED BY Pat Tresidder and SECONDED BY Ron Beeson: :

BE IT RESOLVED THAT this meeting do now adjourn. Carried.